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Proposed Bylaws Update

The NDCPAS Board of Directors passed a motion to approve the following bylaws changes, and present them to the membership for approval. If approved, the changes will be effective September 21, 2020. 

The vote will take place at the Annual Meeting on September 21, 2020 at 9:55 at the Ramkota 800 S 3rd St in Bismarck, ND.  You may also attend this meeting virtually.  Those participating in the virtual convention will be automatically connected.  If you are not participating in the convention, click here to register to attend the meeting or email for a link.

Summary of Changes:

  • Currently the bylaws state the fiscal year of the Society shall begin on September 1.  The new version allows the Board of Directors to set the fiscal year.
  • Currently the Society is required to have a yearly audit.  The new version states “An annual audit or other engagement of the Society’s financial records shall be performed and completed in a manner established by the Board of Directors recommendation.”
  • The new version replaces North Dakota Society of Certified Public Accountants with North Dakota CPA Society.  
  • Removes the requirement of creating Society certificates for affiliates and students.
  • Allows the Society to prorate more specifically instead of just on a quarterly basis.
  • Allows for fully electronic voting to happen in the same manner as an in-person meeting instead of requiring a 20% response rate.
  • Removes Council rep designation of the President.  Because of the new fiscal year of the AICPA sometimes it would be the President who votes and sometimes it would be the past President.
  • An indemnification clause was added.
  • Confusing circular references were removed on how to hold a vote.
  • Cleaned up the roles of the officers.

Proposed BYLAWS 2020 - redline version.pdf

Proposed BYLAWS 2020 - clean version.pdf

Link to current bylaws

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