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Don Farmer's Individual Income Tax Workshop

December 4, 2023
In this course, we review: Current Year Developments, Recurring Problems, and Planning Ideas. Using ...

Live Webinar K2's Business Intelligence, Featuring Microsoft's Power BI Tools

December 6, 2023
Business Intelligence (BI) is perhaps the hottest topic in most professional circles in today’s bu...

Live Webinar K2's Excel PivotTables for Accountants

December 7, 2023
Many business professionals consider PivotTables the most powerful feature in Excel, yet most accoun...

Live Webinar K2's Microsoft 365/Office 365 - All The Things You Need to Know

December 8, 2023
Microsoft 365/Office 365 continues to grow and evolve, yet most utilize only a fraction of the tools...

Staff Training: Advanced Management and Leadership Essentials (Level 5)

December 11, 2023
Enable managers and senior managers to continue developing leadership skills and examine and challen...

Live Webinar K2's Next Generation Excel Reporting

December 18, 2023
New features in Excel provide tremendous opportunities to improve Excel-based operational and financ...