Rule changes proposed …

Various rule changes are being advanced by the Accountancy Board, including:

·   making the CPE requirements the same for public and private CPAs, starting with the 3-year period that ends June 2022

·   including ethics content

·   allowing some level of work when in retired status, and specify an age of 60, and requiring use of the term “retired”

·   raising fee authorizations, but with no actual fee increases included

Details about the rules, hearings, sharing comments, etc. are available at, or 800-532-5904.

There are various steps in the rule change process, including the public hearings held in Grand Forks and Bismarck. Attendance was light at the hearings, but the Society submitted a letter addressing member sentiments.

The next step in the process is approval by the Attorney General (AG), after which materials go to the Legislative Council. The Administrative Rules Committee will address the changes in a future meeting, at which the Board of Accountancy will be on hand to respond to inquiries, and the public may also share comments. The rules aren’t yet on an agenda, but the Rule Committee schedule is found at CLICK.  

February PCPS Tool
Overcoming Pricing Objections

Are you concerned about how to handle pricing objections from clients or prospective clients? Most will pay reasonable fees for quality, valuable service so it’s important to have conversations to help address any concerns. Here are some tips to guide the dialogue.

This PCPS Overcoming Pricing Objections Tool is an example of the turnkey practice management tools and resources PCPS delivers.  PCPS is an add-on firm membership section within the AICPA.  A PCPS firm membership at only $35 per CPA, up to a max of $700 per firm, is a great investment for a broad range of practice management resources.  Find out if you are already a PCPS member or take a quick tour to learn more.

AICPA Leadership Academy

Now in its tenth year, the AICPA Leadership Academy continues to encourage emerging leaders, who understand the legacy of the profession and have the passion (and skills) necessary to address the challenges of an everchanging global business environment, to volunteer at state and national levels. Participants focus on deepening their unique leadership strengths thereby providing a solid foundation for volunteer positions. 

Scheduled for Oct. 7-11, 2018, in Durham, NC, the 4-day event focuses on developing the four Cs:

  1. Competency: Personal and professional leadership competencies
  2. Context: Understanding the larger context of the accounting profession and business environment
  3. Collaboration: Engagement in highly collaborative learning experiences
  4. Community: Building new peer relationships

We hope you will consider sponsoring or recommending a deserving “rising-star” for this once-in-lifetime event. We would love to see a candidate from ND!

Applications are being accepted with a deadline of May 31, 2018. For more detailed information, direct your emerging leader(s) to this website.

This Weeks Podcast by Nichols Patrick CPE, Inc

AICPA/AACSB Practitioner Engagement Program

The AICPA is working with the AACSB to increase CPA practitioner engagement in the accreditation process. Increasing accounting practitioner engagement in the accreditation process will add value for the university accounting program seeking accreditation/reaffirmation and ultimately for the profession. The AICPA has agreed to recruit 75 CPA volunteers for the program. Selected practitioners will be a vital part of the accreditation process and governance structure by volunteering to serve on an AACSB accounting peer review team or AACSB committee. Click here for more info.

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