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Steps to Becoming a CPA

Step-by-Step to Becoming a CPA

The process to becoming a CPA has multiple steps and if you are just starting or in the middle of the process let us help you through the of becoming a CPA in North Dakota.

Fullfill the North Dakota education requirements to sit for the CPA exam.

Education Requirements

Learn more about the exam and how to apply:

CPA Exam Booklet

Apply for the Exam

Reviewing and studying for the exam is a big benefit. Here are some prep discounts for student members:

Exam Prep Discounts

Once you are ready to schedule your first exam section use the checklist below to be best prepared.

Purchase the Professional Ethics Course below and complete the course and exam.

Ethics Course

Complete the experience requirement of 2,000 hours withing four to five years. For more information visit the state board website.

ND State Board Website

After getting your CPA license you will need to meet the CPE requirements posed by the ND Board of Accountancy. You can find that information at the link below.

CPA License Renewal FAQ