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Representing the CPA Profession

The Society is a voice for the CPA profession, both in Bismarck and in Washington. We will be looking out for your interests while you're busy with your profession.

Meeting our Members Needs

  • During Legislative sessions, the Society watches for legislative proposals to the House and Senate, looking for issues of specific relevance to the CPA profession
  • We retain a professional legislative service company during the Legislature and during the off season when legislators are working on interim business
  • The society also makes in-person contact with state representatives in Washington periodically
  • Provide relevant information to members on legislation
  • Serve as an informational resource to legislators and committees on the potential impact of proposed legislation

Want to be involved?

Join the Tax & Legislation committee: Meets with legislators, regulators, and standard setters on matters relating to taxation. Communicates issues of interest to members.