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B&I Session Descriptions

Session Descriptions

Critical Skills for CFOs & Controllers - Budgeting & Forecasting Strategies for Today's World  |  David Peters

The budget and the forecast are two common tools used by controllers and CFOs across almost every industry. However, are we really getting the most out of these tools? Or are we merely replicating whatever was done last year? In this course, we will use examples and illustrations to demonstrate various budgeting and forecasting techniques. We will discuss traditional approaches, as well as newer approaches such as flexible budgeting, in an effort to show how companies can gain more value.

Conflict Resolution with the Empathy Method  |  Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer

Nothing can undermine team productivity like unresolved, festering conflict! It creates undertow in the team and prevents it from high performance. This session provides a proven, multi-step empathy method for resolving individual and team conflict. Through several interactive case studies and thoughtful small group class participation, participants will understand how to get to the root cause of conflict and how to resolve it quickly. Several case studies dealing with: big ego, passive aggressive behavior, sarcasm, apathy, isolationism, and fear of change, highlight this very interactive session. Boost your confidence in handling conflict!

A 2024 Economic Update |  King Banaian

At the end of 2022 about 85% of economists predicted a recession in 2023. As we now know that forecast was wrong. Why did we get that wrong, and what does that say about 2024? And why should you trust any economic forecast? 

Internal Control and Risk Management  |  Elaine Nissley

This webinar will provide an understanding of Internal Control Frameworks (ICF) and their relationship to  Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting (ICFR). We will discuss Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) 2013 ICF for private and public organizations and the Standards for Internal Control in the Federal Government (Green Book) ICF for governmental agencies. We will demonstrate how these frameworks apply to ICFR. We apply the frameworks to independent assessment of ICFR for public and governmental entities. Public companies need independent assessments under Sarbanes-Oxley Act Section 404: Management Assessment of Internal Controls. Governmental entities need independent assessments under Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-123: Management’s Responsibility for Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Control.

Lessons From an $8.5 Million Fraud  |  Nathan Mueller

This is a real-life example of fraud and the lessons that can be learned about the importance of controls, segregation of duties, system controls, processing controls, physical safeguards, controls in a time of change and the reality of the fraud triangle.